Looking to license an established quality brand or product? We have a range of complete solutions ready to go.


Designed for those who want to enjoy all the world has to offer, the Explore Planet Earth® brand comprises three dynamic ranges. These consist of the youth-targeted Galaxy range, the Metropolis range aimed at regular travellers/ campers, and the top-of-the-line Voyager range for serious travellers. As a suite, these ranges cater to all age groups and all levels of experience, with products including daypacks, rucksacks, travel packs, tents, sleeping bags, mats and more.

With its dynamic ever-evolving product range, established marketing materials and design assets, Explore Planet Earth® is ideal for licensing opportunities. Pick it up and run with it – it’s ready and raring to go.

Licenses for Explore Planet Earth are available for all markets except Australia & New Zealand.


Pop-up assembly. Standout packaging. Simple design.

The Speedy Tent® ticks all the boxes both for camping-savvy consumers, and merchandisers. A continually evolving range of Speedy Tent® models and accessories are available for licensing opportunities, including several 2, 3 and 4 man versions and the 3 man Sahara Touring tent. All models come with distinctive, eye-catching packaging, which is a huge advantage in the cluttered, competitive retail environment.


The Speedy family is about to expand with the upcoming addition of the Big Speedy Tent®. Featuring a unique and patented design, the Big Speedy Tent® will be perfect for campers seeking speed, convenience and comfort.

As well as being super quick to put up, the Big Speedy Tent® is significantly more spacious inside than its closest competitor. Even so, it’s small enough to be packed into the car boot – ideal for a quick getaway.

Due for launch in mid 2013, it will be available for exclusive regional license, or as part of the Speedy Tent® range.


High quality and highly flexible, our Academic schoolbags have been designed with the needs of growing children in mind. And along with our three schoolbags – Senior AcademicTM, Primary AcademicTM and the award- winning SAS Academic®, there’s also now a new member of the family – Technical AcademicTM a range of tablet and laptop covers.

All our bags have been rigorously tested for safety and durability, so they pass the playground test with flying colours. On top of this, all our Academic schoolbags have been evaluated and endorsed by the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australia (COCA), and feature fully adjustable harnesses. This can be changed to suit kids as their bodies and backs change, and ensure the right fit for every age and stage.

The Academic School Bag range is distributed in Australia exclusively by RHSports.

Exclusive Licenses for the Academic School Bag and Laptop ranges outside Australia are available.


The secret to a good backpack is the even distribution of weight across the back and waist, which in turn places less stress on the shoulders and spine. This knowledge, together with the expertise of the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australia (COCA), allowed us to create BackcareTM - a unique range of backpack harness systems.

Integrated into any daypack, rucksack or travel pack design, these harnesses add a whole new level of support and enable heavy loads to be carried safely. The BackcareTM trust mark and harness systems can be licensed independently, or together with a supporting endorsement from the COCA.