Pop-up assembly. Standout packaging. Simple design.

The Speedy Tent® ticks all the boxes both for camping-savvy consumers, and merchandisers. A continually evolving range of Speedy Tent® models and accessories are available for licensing opportunities, including several 2, 3 and 4 man versions and the 3 man Sahara Touring tent. All models come with distinctive, eye-catching packaging, which is a huge advantage in the cluttered, competitive retail environment.


The Speedy family is about to expand with the upcoming addition of the Big Speedy Tent®. Featuring a unique and patented design, the Big Speedy Tent® will be perfect for campers seeking speed, convenience and comfort.

As well as being super quick to put up, the Big Speedy Tent® is significantly more spacious inside than its closest competitor. Even so, it’s small enough to be packed into the car boot – ideal for a quick getaway.

Due for launch in mid 2013, it will be available for exclusive regional license, or as part of the Speedy Tent® range.