what we do

We bridge the gap between the need for an innovative product, and the delivery of a custom made solution.

What we do.

With our extensive expertise and connections, EPE Global helps clients navigate the world of product design, sourcing, licensing and overseas manufacturing.

Clients enlist our services at different stages, depending on their needs. Some come to us requiring a complete solution, from the inception of an original design to the market launch of a finished product. Others wish to source or license an existing product, or simply find the right factory in Asia or across the globe.


Who we can help.

EPE Global tends to work most frequently with small and medium businesses looking to:

  • Manufacture goods overseas, but lack specific contacts or experience.
  • Commercialise an existing product or idea.
  • Refine or enhance an existing design.
  • Pick up and license an established brand.
  • Review their overseas manufacturing strategy.
  • Create a new product for a specific market.

How we work.

There are four keys areas to our business, which often overlap:

Regardless of what a project entails, we have a large pool of skilled specialists to draw upon for input and support – including designers, manufacturers, quality assurance resources, even freight providers. Access to this network is one of the most important things EPE Global can provide.